6th Nordic Summer Institute in Labor Economic

The sixth annual Nordic Summer Institute in Labor Economics
Torshavn (Hotel Føroyar), Faroe Islands, June 7‐9, 2011.



Matz Dahlberg, Uppsala university
Ethnic Diversity and Preferences for Redistribution

Rita Ginja, Uppsala university
Preventing Behavior Problems in Childhood and Adolescence: Evidence from Head Start
Income Shocks and Investments in Human Capital

Lena Janys, University of Mannheim
The Causal Effect of Education on Mortality

Katrine V Løken, University of Bergen
Does Money Matter? The Effect of Child Care Subsidies on Academic Performance

Mårten Palme, Stockholm university
The Impact of Education Policy on Crime: Can Schooling Break the Vicious Circle of Intergenerational Associations of Crime?
Tuomas Pekkarinen, Aalto University School of Economics
Cross-Border Health and Productivity Effects of Alchol Policies

Barbara Pertold-Gebicka, Aarhus University
Job Market Polarization and Employment Protection in Europe

Per Pettersson-Lidbom, Stockholm university
Culture, Fertility Choices, and Child Outcomes: Evidence from Swedish Administrative Data

Åsa Rosén,
Trading off or having it all? Completed Fertility and Mid-Career Earnings of Swedish Men and Women

Kjell G Salvanes, Norwegian School of Economics
Life-Cycle Bias and the Returns to Schooling in Current and Lifetime Earnings

Sofia Sandgren Massih, Uppsala university
Transmission of human capital across four generations: intergenerational correlations and a test of the Becker-Tomes model.

Emilia Simeonova, IIES Stockholm University
Education and Health: Is More Always Better?

Per Skedinger, Research Institute of Industrial Economics
Employment Protection Reform, Enforcement in Collective Agreements and Worker Flows

Helena Skyt Nielsen,
School of Economics and Management, Aarhus University
Playing the Fertility Game at Work

Arna Vardardottir, Stockholm School of Economics
Peer Effects and Academic Achievement Regression Discontinuity Approach