The UCLS members include 10 “founding fellows”, affiliated researchers and PhD students. The founding fellows initiated the center and include people from economics, political science and labor law. The affiliated researchers are mainly based in Uppsala but some are based elsewhere and are engaged in UCLS-related projects.

Uppsala Center for Labor Studies is served by a small (and efficient) administrative staff. As of March 2011, UCLS comprises 54 research fellows and 28 PhD students.


Prizes to UCLS researchers

*The Munich-based CESifo research network has instituted the Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Prize, to be awarded to the best paper presented by a young author at the CESifo Area Conferences. The criteria for the award are scientific originality, policy relevance and quality of exposition. A prize winner receives €3000. Two of the 2012 prizes were awarded to UCLS researchers.

Public sector economics research area:
Helén Lundqvist
Is it Worth it? On the Returns to Holding Political Office

Employment and social protection research area:
Lena Hensvik
Competition, Wages and Teacher Sorting: Lessons Learned from a Voucher Reform

*Benzeliuspriset - Kungliga Vetenskapssocieteten i Uppsala
Helén Lundqvist got the" Benzeliuspriset" September 2012.