Uppsala Center for Labor Studies

Oskar Nordström Skans, Uppsala University

Scientific Advisory board
Richard Freeman, Harvard University
Karl-Ove Moene, University of Oslo
Nina Smith, Aarhus University

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Research themes

UCLS focuses mainly on three broad areas of research:

*Labor market institutions and employment relations
Research on labor market institutions and employment relations has been pursued from several disciplinary angles, including economics, political science, sociology, and labor law. This interdisciplinary field is traditionally known as “Industrial Relations”.

*Unemployment and social protection
Unemployment remains a major social issue, a fact underlined by the “Great Recession” of 2008/09. Our research in this area aims at improving the understanding of the mechanisms of unemployment and social exclusion, including the impact on individual welfare. We will also evaluate policies aimed at increasing employment or reducing the adverse effects of unemployment.

*Earnings, education, and inequality
Educational policy can influence inequality by changing the skill composition of the labor force. By educational policies it may also be possible to break the intergenerational persistence of inequality. Our research will shed new light on how the design of the education system affects labor market outcomes. We also wish to improve the understanding about the sources of intergenerational correlations in earnings. Finally, we will examine how globalization affects employment and earnings in Sweden.