Uppsala Center for Labor Studies

Oskar Nordström Skans, Uppsala University

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Richard Freeman, Harvard University
Karl-Ove Moene, University of Oslo
Nina Smith, Aarhus University

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Uppsala Center for Labor Studies

Oskar Nordström Skans recives the Assar Lindbeck medal
The Assar Lindbeck medal for 2015 is awarded professor Oskar Nordström Skans. The prize honors professor Assar Lindbeck’s diverse and groundbreaking economic research efforts and is awarded every two years to a researcher who made a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge.

Forthcoming publication
J Peter Nilsson

Alcohol Availability, Prenatal Conditions, and Long-term Economic Outcomes, Journal of Political Economy, 2016

"Top 5" publication
We congratulate Alex Solis who got his paper ”Credit Access and College Enrollment” accepted in the Journal of Political Economy which counts as one of the 5 best scientific journals in economics.